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What Payment Methods Do Players Trust the Most?
13 Oct 2022
Online Sports Betting in India – a Punter’s Profile
15 Aug 2022

Our recent studies have revealed that public sentiment in the Union is largely favourable towards online sports betting. Find out more here.

Taxes on Online Winnings of Indian Gamblers
26 Jul 2022

Many players and even gaming industry workers are often perplexed by India’s rules on online gambling taxation. We discuss it in detail here.

Which Indian States and Cities Have the Most Online Gamblers?
3 Aug 2022

Real-money gaming has always been a favourite pastime for Indians. There are, however, some regions in the Union that have a propensity to gamble and bet more.

Young Sports Enthusiasts Propel India’s Online Betting Market
26 Jul 2022

Motivations and interests overlap for many player communities but age, income and regional specifics seem to determine different gamer profiles. Find out more here.