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Teen Patti For Real Cash

Play Teen Patti real cash at Pure Win! With more than 10 different Teen Patti cash games available, we’re the perfect Teen Patti casino for you. So take a seat, get your cards, and see if you can beat the dealer's hand for a win!

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Best 3 Patti Games for Real Money

If you are looking for the best online Teen Patti games for real money you have come to the right place. At Pure Win, you can find more than 10 different Teen Patti real cash casino games, enjoy easy withdrawals and deposits with trusted payment methods like Paytm, and try out India's new favourite pastime, Live Teen Patti! 

All our Teen Patti real cash games are provided by the leading casino game providers in India. This ensures you not only that the games are fair but also gives you the best possible gaming experience.

Below we have ranked our 3 best Teen Patti real cash games based on popularity among our players, how easy they are to play, and the overall design of the game.

Ezugi Teen Patti Live - The Best Teen Patti Casino Game

Ezugis Live Teen Patti is by far our most played and the best 3 Patti game for real money available at Pure Win. In this exciting live version, you can bet on the standard game and 2 side bets. The biggest payout can give you up to 1000 times your bet! 

What sticks out about Ezugi’s real cash Teen Patti compared to other live games is how easy it is to play. The instructions on what you need to do while playing are easy to follow and the dealer explains what is going on.

All in all, this is a great Teen Patti real cash game in an exciting live setting!

Super Spade 20-20 Teen Patti Live - Exciting Live Dealer Action

Super Spade 20-20 Teen Patti live is a Teen Patti real cash game with a twist. The game is played like normal live Teen Patti with only two hands being dealt but instead of betting on your hand against the dealer, you can bet on either hand. This gives you more betting opportunities, 4 to be exact. It might sound more complicated but it really isn't. Just imagine two of your friends playing Teen Patti head to head and you bet on whoever you think will win!

This 3 Patti real cash game is streamed 24/7 from live studios in Eastern Europe.

Super Spade has done a great job creating a simplified live dealer version of the most popular table game in India.

One Touch Teen Patti - Best 3 Patti Game for Beginners

If you are new to online 3 Patti then One Touch Teen Patti is for you. This RNG version is perfect for beginners since you can practice without having to bet real money. Don’t worry though, you can play for real cash as well.

The One Touch Teen Patti game differs from the live dealer versions and is closer to the traditional card game. You have three bets available, the ante bet to start the game, the blind bet to wager without seeing your cards, and the regular bet on your hand.

You get a clear overview of how the game works with a payout chart and instructions on how to play available on the Teen Patti table.

Practice a round or two and when you’re ready you can play a 3 Patti round with real cash.

Play Teen Patti Real Money with Paytm

Here at Pure Win, you can play real money Teen Patti with a variety of different payment methods but most of our players prefer Paytm. It’s quick, easy, super secure, and free from fees; in other words, everything you need is right here when you choose to play 3 Patti with real money using Paytm cash.

Make a deposit and you can enjoy a 3 Patti Paytm cash game from wherever you are in India. Some of our other popular deposit and withdrawal methods available are:

  • UPI

  • PhonePe

  • AstroPay

  • RuPay

Pure Win 3 Patti Real Money App

Take your favourite card game with you anywhere with our upcoming Teen Patti real money app! 

The Pure Win 3 Patti real cash app will be available in the Google Play Store, allowing Android users to download the app and play Teen Patti online with ease.

For those already looking for a good Teen Patti app, our website can be bookmarked and used just like an online 3 Patti real money app, just in your mobile browser.

Teen Patti Casino Game Variations

There are several different types of online Teen Patti casino games. Most game studios have a distinct twist to their Teen Patti games making each one unique. 

There are however four primary categories of Teen Patti real cash games at online casinos, RNG Teen Patti, Live Teen Patti, 20-20 Teen Patti and Dealer Teen Patti.

RNG Teen Patti

Random Number Generator (RNG) is software used by online casino game creators to produce a random series of numbers used to emulate a real game. The algorithm keeps the game just as random as if it were dealt by a real dealer.

In RNG Teen Patti cash games, you play either against the dealer or wager on Player A or B. The upside of playing RNG Teen Patti is the fact that you are in complete control of the game whereas with live Teen Patti the dealer controls when each round is played.

Live Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti cash games are played with real dealers that are streamed live from studios all over the world. The social aspect is one of the things that is most appreciated when you play Teen Patti online live.

Place your bets and interact with the dealer through the chat as the game goes on. The only downside with playing Teen Patti live is that the dealer decides when a game begins so you have to pay attention when a new round is about to start.

All our Teen Patti live games are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Dealer Teen Patti

Dealer Teen Patti is the standard casino version of this popular table game. In this Teen Patti cash game, you play against the dealer and bet on the outcome of your hand.

Dealer 3 Patti games are available in both RNG and Live versions. It is also the most common 3 Patti real money game available in most Teen Patti casinos including ours.

You can find several versions of this real money Teen Patti game in our online casino.

20-20 Teen Patti

20-20 Teen Patti is played between two hands just like dealer Teen Patti but you can bet on both hands not just your own.

This is a new exciting online Teen Patti cash game variation that has become more and more popular. Since you can bet on both sides, there are 4 new bets available including tie.

20-20 Teen Patti is available both in RNG and live dealer version of the game.

Teen Patti Cash Game Rules

The rules of the standard Teen Patti cash game are super simple; place your bet, and beat the dealer’s hand. Each player (in this case, you and the dealer) receives three cards each. 

You can’t see your opponent's cards, so you’ll have to decide if your hand is good enough to play.

Once you’ve decided to play your hand, the dealer reveals theirs, and your hands are compared. If you’ve got the better hand, you win; if the dealer’s hand is better, you’ll lose.

Yes, that’s how easy real cash Teen Patti rules actually are! Throughout the history of Teen Patti, there have been many changes to the rules, but these modern-day rules explained above are the ones you'll find in every online teen patti casino.

How to Play Teen Patti Online Cash Games

It’s easy to play Teen Patti cash games online. In the standard Teen Patti casino version, you bet on your hand against the dealer. 

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to play Teen Patti online with real money,

  1. Place an ante to start the game (and any side bets).

  2. The dealer will then deal you your hand face up and his hand face down.

  3. Decide whether to play and place a bet amount equal to your ante or fold and surrender your ante.

  4. If you choose to play, the dealer will show their hand.

  5. The winner is whoever has the better hand.

Teen Patti Sequences

When you play Teen Patti online, it’s good to have a brief understanding of the different Teen Patti sequences. Just like in normal online poker, the value of your hand determines your chances of winning. 

The better your Teen Patti hand is, the higher your probability to win! These are the 3 Patti sequences, listed from best to worst:

  • Pure Sequence - A Royal Flush or Mini Royal. Ace, King, and Queen of the same suit.

  • Colour Sequence - Also known as a Straight Flush, three consecutive cards of the same suits.

  • Sequence - Also known as a Straight, three consecutive cards of different suits.

  • Trail - Three cards of the same rank. Also known as Trio.

  • Colour - Or “Flush”, three cards in the same suit. For example, three spades.

  • Pair - Two cards of the same rank (like 4 and 4). They can be of different suits.

  • High card - Last resort if no other sequence is made. The highest-ranking card. 

The easiest hand to win real money with is a high card. The dealer can’t qualify for a high card unless they have a Queen or higher. You can even win with a worse hand than the dealer if they don’t qualify.

Teen Patti Bets

There are several different versions of Teen Patti real cash games but most of them have four bets in common, ante, play bet, pair plus, and 3+3 (or 6 card bonus as it is also known).


This is the bet you need to place to enter a new 3 Patti round. It is placed before your hand is dealt. This Teen Patti bet has a payout of 1:1 if your hand wins. 

Play Bet

Once your cards are face-up you need to decide if you think your hand will win and if you want to play. The Teen Patti Play bet has a payout of 1:1 but you only win if the dealer's hand qualifies (high card Q or above) and you beat it. If the dealer does not qualify, you get your initial play bet back.

Pair Plus

Pair Plus bets pay out if you have something higher than a pair in your hand. The better the hand, the higher the payout.

  • Pure Sequence pays 100:1

  • Colour Sequence pays 40:1

  • Trail pays 30:1

  • Sequence pays 5:1

  • Colour pays 4:1

3+3 Bet

The 3+3 bet, aka 6 card bonus, takes both your hand and the dealer's hand into consideration. Both of your hands are combined and if any sequences above three of a kind show up you win. A minimum of 5 cards are required for sequences.

  • Pure Sequence pays 1000:1

  • Colour Sequence pays 200:1

  • Four of a kind pays 100:1

  • Colour pays 15:1

  • Sequence pays 10:1

  • Trio pays 7:1

3 Patti Casino Game Providers

Truth be told, there are only a few Teen Patti casino game providers in the world.

3 Patti is still a game played mainly in India, so, although it’s vastly popular here, providers are still trying to catch up with the massive increase in demand.

All Pure Win online Teen Patti game providers are proven fair and are, above all, experts at delivering world-class Teen Patti real cash games. Several of our Teen Patti real money games come from award-winning game providers

We only offer you the best Teen Patti casino providers available, those able to provide top-quality entertainment.


Ezugi is a game provider that’s had huge success in India. They’re very India-focused, and their Live Teen Patti game is one of the best on the market.

Ezugi is a part of the Evolution group which is one of the world's most renowned game providers and has won Online Casino Supplier of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards several years in a row.

There’s nothing that Ezugi can’t do, so you’ll also find other great live casino games from this game provider here at Pure Win.

Super Spade

For all things related to Asian live casinos, Super Spade is leading the way.

Highly popular in most Asian countries including India, this game provider offers two live Teen Patti real cash games in Live Speed format. A faster-paced game, perfect for more action in a shorter time. 

Super Spade’s also has a Live Speed Andar Bahar for fans of fast-paced Indian card games!


WOOHOO is a game provider that mainly offers slot games, but they’ve also got their own set of RNG Teen Patti tables.

These two real cash Teen Patti games are digital and use an advanced algorithm to decide the outcome of the game. Perfect for when you’d rather play alone, free from a live dealer and other players.


For more RNG Teen Patti action, MPLAY offers Pure Win players two variations of this card game, Champion and Express.

Like the games from WOOHOO, the MPLAY 3 Patti real money games are played at your own pace and are completely digital, just like casino slots.

One Touch

One Touch is a casino game provider that offers all kinds of games. Their main focus is providing mobile-first table games from all over the world.

They offer two different ways to play Teen Patti online, an RNG dealer game and a 20-20 RNG game.

More than just a Teen Patti Casino

Pure Win is a great place to play Teen Patti online but that's just scratching the surface of everything there is to explore here!

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