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The Importance of Statistics in Sports Betting

27 Apr 2022

Sports statistics are either underrated or overrated these days. It depends on who you ask. Fans don’t consider them important, but online betting experts say otherwise.

It’s a heated debate between both groups with thousands of people on each side. In the end, numbers and statistics don’t matter as real-time performance.

Or do they? Let’s find out!

The role of statistics in sports

Although statistics have always been present in sports, the whole science behind it really exploded during the mid-1990s. Publicly available data and the rise of the Internet certainly played a part in it.

New statistical data emerged all the time, now giving teams more ways to recognize a player’s potential. At the same time, it was welcomed by punters who now had new factors to cling to when it comes to online sports betting.

Cricket Statistics

In India, cricket statistics are mostly used for bragging rights apart from the fact that they’re often used by bettors. On and off-field analytics are now a common part of every sport.

In basketball, for example, on-field stats such as +- show the offensive and defensive impact of a player on a team. For IPL betting, for example, batting and bowling stats can be checked to see if a player is in form or not.

Batting averages, innings, runs, overs and wickets are some of the most common stats people check for to determine the form of a particular player or team.

This kind of information is especially great for punters. Most claim that such statistics are the reason they win, although there’s no reliable way to know that for sure. Statistics are important, of course, but relying on them too much is the wrong thing to do.

Should you rely on statistics?

Well, as mentioned, they are important. Simple statistics such as run of form or home and away form can help you determine if a team will win or lose a game.

On the other hand, deep statistics such as economy rate won’t make much of an impact on casual sports fans.

Relying on statistics alone when betting is a wrong move. Although stats can be helpful, you shouldn’t depend on them alone. Remember – online cricket betting and betting on other sports takes skill but also involves a lot of luck.

Just like sports in general, betting requires a lot of luck for you to win. If you’re a lucky punter, you’ll be able to win a solid sum of cash. Just because a stat line shows that your favourite cricket team will win the game doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

Underdogs are often fired up against big teams and can blow them out of the water with the odds against them. This is a great example of why statistics don’t often work when it comes to betting. 

Punters who rely on stats too much can’t be successful. As mentioned, keep in mind that online sports betting depends on luck as well. If Lady Luck’s beside you today, your chances to win are great regardless of the stats.

Sports statistics – important or not?

Successful predictions depend on other factors besides stats. Include too many variables and the vast amount of data can make predictions unreliable.

Strip too much key detail and there’s a good chance your prediction turns unreliable as well. The answer to the question in the heading is yes, sports statistics are important. Although many statistics are redundant, averages and other key statistics can indicate a player’s potential.

These are very important for online sports betting fans as well. Cricket, basketball, and football punters can benefit from advanced stats, although they shouldn’t rely on them alone.

Sports are evolving in many ways nowadays and it’s all thanks to the emergence of sports science.

By checking out key statistics, players can improve their game. At the same time, managers and clubs can use these statistics to recognize a potential star. Thanks to this field of science, sports are moving forward with the speed of light, and we like it.

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