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Top 5 Popular Bets in Online Cricket Betting

29 Mar 2022

There are so many online cricket betting options on offer, it can be hard to pick the right one.

Should you bet on teams or individuals? What about the toss?

Well, if you’re new to online betting, you might want to start with the most popular bets you can see below!

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Match Winner

The match winner bet is the simplest and at the same time the most popular type of bet for all sports online, not just cricket.

It’s the ‘default’ bet you can place and one without which online sports betting wouldn’t be able to exist. In short, it’s backing who you believe will win the match. 

While the odds are sometimes very low for this cricket betting market, it’s also somewhat possible to predict the outcome too!

For example, when England played Sri Lanka, the odds for England to win were as low as 1.06 - while for Sri Lanka it was 8.2. Pretty obvious who was going to win that one, right?

Of course, you can always check out Pure Win's cricket betting tips for a detailed analysis of the match winner market.

Toss Winner

The toss is an ever-important part of every cricket match, be it Test, ODI or T20.

Because of the importance of being able to bat or bowl first, this will also change the outcome of a game.

But that’s not why people love this cricket bet so much! The main reason is that it’s a quick result - you know if you have won money in a matter of minutes!

The odds are always the same for it too, unlike the match-winner, so that’s also a nice added bonus!

Top team batsman

While this is can be much harder to predict than the match winner or the toss, it’s always a very rewarding cricket bet if you call it correctly.

The odds are much higher on this - usually, you’re looking at odds of 4.0 and above.

Basically, this is a prediction of who ends up as the top batsman for a particular team.

Place a bet on top team batsman if you believe you know who’ll score the most runs.

Top team bowler

Much like the top batsman, there are good odds on this bet as well - however, this one doesn’t seem to be quite as popular a market.

Saying that, it’s still one of the top picks for cricket bettors. 

Placing a bet on a top bowler means betting on a player with the most wickets for a team.

A century to be Scored

Betting on a specific player to score a century is a pretty popular bet online nowadays.

Of course, since it’s a feat not many have done, it comes at pretty high odds. However, Indian players still love it no matter how long the odds area.

If you get your prediction right, this type of bet can be very profitable. For those who are seeing this bet for the first time, it means betting on a player to score 100 or more runs in a single match.

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