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Is T20 Cricket overshadowing ODI and Test?

16 Apr 2022

T20 Cricket has millions of fans across India. Its popularity has exploded with the launch of the Indian Premier League, the top cricket league in the world.

Popular from an online cricket betting viewpoint as well, the IPL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league. Since its launch, T20 cricket became massively popular thanks to the shorter format in comparison to Test matches that can last for days.

Different forms of cricket

There are 3 different forms of cricket played around the world:

  • Test cricket

  • Limited overs cricket

  • Twenty20 cricket

Test Cricket

All three forms are equally represented all over the world. Test cricket, for example, is the game’s highest standard. Usually played on an international level, Test matches are the longest format of cricket.

The matches are considered brutal from a physical and mental point of view. When we say long, we don’t think long for hours – there have been Test matches going for days.

In Test cricket, two teams of 11 players play over 4 innings which can last up to 5 days. In some cases, the matches have been longer. Due to the length of the matches, Test cricket is considered a true test of a team’s ability and endurance.

ODI Cricket

The popular ODIs (one-day internationals) are a form of limited overs cricket. As the name explains, it’s a form of cricket that lasts for a day.

This is reflected in a maximum number of overs (between 20 and 50). Deviations from the rule have been observed, with shorter and longer forms of limited-overs cricket also on offer.

Due to the shorter nature of this form, ODIs are known for aggressive and explosive action and quite entertaining matches. Test matches may be first-class, but to be honest, they can drag on for days and get a bit boring.

That’s why ODIs were invented, offering more bang for the buck in only a single day.

T20 Cricket

Twenty20 cricket is the last one of the three most popular forms of cricket and is widely regarded as the most entertaining one.

It’s the shortest possible form of cricket – the matches are limited to 20 overs. It is recognized by the ICC along with Test and ODI cricket.

A typical T20 IPL match lasts for three hours which has made this form extremely popular all over the world.

T20 Cricket in India

Twenty20 cricket in India is highly popular thanks to the Indian Premier League and, of course, IPL betting.

Widely regarded as the best cricket league in the world, the IPL features teams such as Mumbai Indians and some of the highest-paid athletes in the world such as Virat Kohli.

Since its inception in 2008, the IPL became the most-visited cricket league in the world. In more aspects than one, it overshadows the Cricket World Cup and many other popular leagues and tournaments. 

With so many great players in one place and 8 strong teams competing for the trophy, it’s a league that rightfully sits on top of cricket competitions.

Thanks to the growing popularity of the IPL, T20 cricket has successfully spread all over the world.

There’s a Twenty20 match on almost all international tours and T20 domestic cup competition in all Test-playing nations.

Is T20 Cricket Overshadowing the Other Forms?

In India, it certainly does. It’s not that Test matches and ODI’s aren’t exciting. You can watch some matches for days, especially derbies.

However, sometimes, there’s just no point in watching a game for 5 days if it isn’t exciting. T20 cricket, on the other hand, offers explosive action in just a few hours.

The growth of larger-than-life franchises like the Chennai Super Kings and their arch-rivals Mumbai Indians have made the T20 IPL widely popular not just in India, but across the world. 

People love watching shorter games of cricket and this also works better for cricket betting predictions too.

The fact that a match is limited to 20 overs makes a game exciting right from the beginning. Both teams are looking for a win right from the start and when juggernauts such as the MI and CSK meet at the Eden Gardens, it’ll surely be a blast.

Sports are meant to be evolving and cricket is no exception. It may have taken days to complete a match in the past, but the fast-paced society today wants something different. With Twenty20 cricket, it surely got it.

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