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Learn How to Bet on a System in Sports!

21 Apr 2022

If you’re a fan of online betting, you know that missing a prediction usually ends up in a loss. For example, pick the home side to win in a 1x2 bet and you will lose if the away team wins or the match ends in a draw.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to still earn money from your bet slip even if you get some bets wrong? Enter system betting.

What is Betting on a System?

This is a popular type of bet among pros, it gives you a chance to make a profit even if you get some of your predictions wrong. Betting in a system is a great way to maximize your winnings. Of course, it’ll cost you a bit more, but that’s the ‘price’ you pay for raising your chances of winning.

How it works

Sports betting features an almost endless list of different bets. Some of them are pretty common such as the 1x2 bet. To be honest, this type of bet can be a bit boring, not to mention that there’s a big chance you’ll get your prediction wrong.

The good news is that you can win money even if you get it wrong - if you learn how to bet in a system!

A single is the most common type of bet in online sports betting. Place a single bet and you’ll win money if you get the prediction right. If you don’t, you’ll fail. Put two, three or more single bets on a slip and the likeliness of you succeeding goes pretty low – that’s reflected in the odds. Getting even one prediction right is difficult, and getting 5 or 6 is even harder. That’s where football betting in a system comes in.

Allowing for a margin of error

In short, it gives you a chance to fail on some predictions and get paid for those you get right. A system bet allows a margin of error and is great for Indian punters who tend to always get a prediction or two wrong. 

Of course, the payout will be reflected in the number of predictions you get correct or wrong. At the same time, system bets come with minimum stake requirements and maximum win limits.

How Many Predictions Can I Get Right or Wrong?

That depends on the system itself. 

You can set a 2 out of 3 system bet, 2 out of 4 or what the bookie allows. Check the site’s rules and you’ll easily learn what kind of system bets you can place. 

Let’s put things into perspective. If you choose to go with a 2 out of 3 system and put PSG to win against Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona to beat Napoli, and Chelsea to beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League, you’ll win your bet if you get 2 out of these 3 predictions right. 

It doesn’t matter which team loses as long as the other 2 win. Football is a highly unpredictable sport with higher odds compared to other sports, so it’s a perfect betting market for system bets.

Which Sports Are Best for System Bets?

As mentioned, football works best for system betting. However, there’s no restriction – you can bet in a system on any sport you want. For example, Indian players who enjoy online cricket betting can bet in a system with the chance to take home nice winnings. Of course, if you want to be successful at it, you’ll have to check expert tips and predictions.

Although system bets require a bit higher investment, they can be pretty profitable. There’s a guaranteed return which is something you don’t get on accumulators. Plus, you can use different betting strategies in order to raise your winnings. 

Can You Make Money on System Bets?

It is possible, yes. Indian online sports betting fans can enjoy all the pros of betting in a system and get a nice return for their bets. In short, they are a good way of win especially if you know your way around sports betting. 

Football fans and punters can benefit from this type of betting, especially if they like to bet on close leagues/tournaments.

With system bets, you’re effectively minimizing the chances of a loss while maximizing your winning potential. With that in mind, you should also be aware that no one guarantees 100% winnings. Football and any other sport for that matter depend on results that are random in nature. 

However, if you want to maximize your chances to win at least some money, system bets are a great option. 

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