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Live Betting

Explore the live betting section designed to give you real-time betting odds to wager on. Bet live on sporting events as the action unfolds and the live betting odds change for added entertainment!


Live Bet Entertainment in India

Are you ready to experience one of the best live betting sites in India? At Pure Win, you’ll find a range of amazing features that take online betting to the next level by allowing you to enjoy the live bet function with ease. With a huge focus on India, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw with local payment methods like Paytm and PhonePe.

While you enjoy the live bet entertainment, you’ll also be able to chat with our customer support agents in both English and Hindi for a more streamlined betting experience. You’ll also find a massive selection of games and sports to bet on - there are over 1,800 cricket to live bet on every year!

We truly are the best for live sports betting in India - if you need more proof, then take a look at the amazing features you can take advantage of here:

  • Free live streaming on all the top matches

  • Amazing live betting odds on match winner markets

  • Quick Bet feature for lightning-fast betting

  • Real-time statistics that are updated on the minute

  • Easy Cash Out feature for winning or losing bets

With these live betting tools at your disposal, plus some of the best live betting odds around, you only need to watch your favourite matches and start betting live!

Live Betting Odds

What are the advantages to live betting with us at Pure Win? For starters, our live betting odds are sensational - we consistently provide the best in-play odds on cricket. Our pre-match odds are recognised as among the best in Indian betting circles, and we ensure we maintain our awesome value when the action gets underway.

For example, in any test match, we offer odds on two total runs options, while leading betting competitors only offer odds on one total. This gives you a better array of live betting options. 

We also include all the modern gadgets you would need to have the best chance of success at live betting. Our Quick Bet feature means players can get their bets on in double time, we stream all the big cricket games, and our live stats centre is updated in real-time to keep you in the know. 

Live Betting App

If you prefer the ease of a live betting app to get your great odds, live streaming, and in-game stats, hang tight - we have an industry-leading live betting mobile app in the works. You can have your say on the action on a fully licensed and regulated mobile app - we will be one of India’s best live betting app products. 

The advantages to a live betting app in India include quicker access to your favourite markets, less hassle in logging in with passwords, and a sculpted user interface designed to get you to where you need to be as quickly as possible. 

What is Live Betting?

So, what is live betting? It’s a term referring to the gambling on a sporting event that has transitioned from its pre-match state into the live phase. 

To find an in-play event, new players need only to navigate to the live betting section. Here, you will see hundreds of events available to live bet.

Given the dynamic nature of the sport, you can use your judgement and bide your time to find the best value in a betting market at different stages of a match. The pre-match odds are much more rigid. 

For example, you think Team India will win in a home T20 against South Africa, but they are too short to back them pre-match. However, they lose two quick wickets after opting to bat first. Suddenly, the live odds on India become much more favourable with the majority of the game to go. Of course, the opposite could happen - India may get off to a flyer and the pre-match price will shorten. In that eventuality, the player can adapt their bet.

The point is, that live match odds can fluctuate dramatically while the game is in play. It’s your job as the live bettor to identify opportunities

Advantages of Live Bets

In-play betting truly is the best way to enjoy any form of online betting as it allows you to get better odds as well as adding an extra element of fun to the game! If you're unsure about live betting, take a look at these prime examples of why it is supreme.

Changing odds

The fact that odds change minute by minute gives you more chances to win on sports events. In-play betting odds are traditionally higher than your pre-match odds and if you can see the match go a certain way, there is no reason why you cannot leverage that into your weekend beer money! Anything that might happen in play will change the sports odds and your bets!

Ability to make informed bets

Another great advantage of in-play betting on sports is that you can place your bets by analysing the game in real-time. You can make accurate predictions and tweak your betting strategy by understanding how the game is going, which player is clicking, which player is out of form, who is injured, and other such factors.

It's more fun! 

Let's face it - there is something thrilling about sports live betting. Whether it is minute-by-minute or ball-by-ball play betting, you will feel the rush when you realize that your predictions did not only come true within minutes of making them, but you also made some money off it!

How to Bet Live on Sports

Once you find the event you wish to place your live bets on, your next job is to find the right market (another word for odds). Were you to bet on cricket, for example, available odds include the Match Winner (you are predicting who will win the match), total runs (predict the total number of runs), and individual player odds (bet on a player to be player of the match).

We take you through how to live bet on matches in a step-by-step guide below:

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Now to find the “Live Matches” section. On your mobile device, this is easily found on the top of the page for a horizontal toolbar. 

  3. Click into the event you wish to bet on.

  4. Find the market (or match event) you wish to bet on. We filter our markets to help you get to where you need to be quicker. You can find them under the live match score. 

  5. Add the market to your bet slip. Add your total stake in the box next to the odds. 

  6. Click “place bet”, sit back, and enjoy!

Looking for some live betting tips? Check out our in-depth cricket betting tips that are provided by our cricket experts! We don’t just analyse the match-winner markets, but also examine individual player stats too.

Live Betting Features at Pure Win

We are proud of the live betting product we provide - in fact, we believe it to be the best available in India!

To the live betting experts, predicting the outcome of a match action is much more exciting than betting pre-match. This is why our product is packed with a number of amazing features to ensure you can place live bets as quickly as possible.

Live Streaming

Finding a betting site with live streaming is rare in India - but it has so many real-world advantages for you. You can track, react, or be proactive in their betting strategy by watching the action unfold on your personal device.

The best part is live streaming is free - no bet is required! That means rather than having to pay for a subscription at a third-party provider, you can focus on the task at hand by watching the action right here at Pure Win! 

You can live stream all of the top cricket matches taking place around the world right here, so make sure to check it out! The only thing you need to enjoy this service is a logged-in account.

Cash Out

The cash-out feature lets you recall some of the bets that you have made, at a lower payout than expected. This means that instead of losing all your funds on a bet, you will be able to retain some of this to bet again. 

For example, if you back India to beat South Africa in a Twenty20 international, and they take four wickets in the first four balls, your cash-out value will soar high. That’s also where we come in - we’ll ensure our cash-out offer is as fair as possible. 

We understand that control is hugely important for the live bettor - our product gives you that control, but in a concise, innovative, and generous manner!

Real-Time Statistics

View all the need-to-know in-play facts and figures of players by clicking the MATCH icon under the score. You can find out where the players are scoring their runs, how economically a team is bowling and the latest weather conditions!

All the stats come through in a sleek, real-time visual graphic and at a click of a button, you can flit between the live streaming and the statistical graphics.

Quick Bet

In a hurry to get your live bet on? You can activate our Quick Bet feature - set a predefined amount as your Quick Bet and then you just have to make one click for the money to be on. 

This approach eliminates at least one extra click, which in live betting terms, translates to crucial periods of play potentially missed.

Cricket Live Betting

The key to online cricket betting is an expansive live betting product! Cricket is all about momentum - and the more markets available to live bet on to help you map out your next bets, the better! 

That’s why our sensational live cricket betting product is regarded as one of the best in the business. If Virat Kohli is spanking it around the park for India against England, you can be sure our in-play market on top India batter will offer among the best odds on him to top the batting rankings.

What’s more, there are a number of exclusive live betting markets that are only available to bet on once a cricket game has started! Below you will find the top markets available:

First Innings Over 0-10: Team Total

This cricket betting market focuses on guessing correctly how many runs (Over or Under) the batting team will reach in the given number of overs. You don't have to guess the exact number - just whether the total will be above or below the number mentioned in the market. The range of the overs may vary as the match continues. Typically, you will find odds around the 1.89 mark on the over/under total here at Pure Win.

First Innings Player Total

This is similar to the previous market except here, you have to correctly guess how many runs the batsmen on the pitch can score. Once again, it is an over/under market where you need to predict if the player can exceed (or remain below) the runs mentioned. Again, bettors on this market with Pure Win are likely to see returns close to evens. 

First Innings Over X, Team Odd/Even

This is similar to betting on how many runs the given over of the match will see except you need to guess whether it will be an odd number or an even. This is objectively a 50/50 shot, and our odds reflect that. 

First Innings Over X, Y Delivery Total

This is what you define as literal ball-by-ball cricket live betting. In this exclusive live cricket betting market, you bet on how many runs the given delivery of the given over in the match will see. Again, this is an over/under market so you don't have to get it exactly right. It is more on whether or not the batsman on the crease can hit the given runs. 

The live odds will depend on the match situation. Is the pitch a road? Or is the bowler making the ball talk? Typically, you can get odds above evens here.

Over/Under X Runs in Y Over

This market is particularly entertaining when the conditions are on the fringes of extremes, offering unfair advantages to either the bowler or the batter.

If the runs are flowing, the odds may shrink on the overs. If the bowlers are keeping it tight, the odds will be higher!

Will There Be A Tie

There are two words which will guarantee to get the juices flowing in every cricket fan - Super Over! If you sense a close game, take a look at this market - it can provide excellent cricket live betting odds, because it is one of the most unlikely events in short-format cricket. 

There have only been 13 Super Overs since the IPL began back in 2008 - that’s less than one a season.