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Live Betting

Explore the live betting section designed to let you wager on your favourite events as they happen.

Cricket, football, tennis - no matter what the game is, you’ll find the best live odds at Pure Win!


Best Live Betting Site 2022!

Pure Win is one of the newest licensed and regulated live betting sites in India but don't let that fool you! Our dedicated team comprises the very best of what the online sports betting industry has to offer. We have taken inspiration from some of the best live betting sites out there to elevate ourselves to a level where you can enjoy in play betting and all it has to offer.

New customers will see, Pure Win Live Betting is all about helping you bet smartly and responsibly in Indian Rupees by giving you the best odds and a huge range of betting markets across all your favourite matches.

If you are looking for a pure live betting site to bet online in India where you can win, your search ends here.

Why use Live Bets?

To this, we ask why not bet live? Some may even argue that live betting features are certainly more exciting than your regular, pre-match betting.

When you bet on sports live, you get access to:

  • Great odds that are updated continuously

  • In-game stats and match data, updated in real-time

  • Exclusive betting markets not available in pre-match betting

  • Free bets

  • Live streaming and virtual live feeds

And much more!

But more importantly, live betting allows you to take into consideration what is happening at the event in real-time and then make your in-play bet. You can place your bets depending on how the game is turning out to maximise your chances of winning. This holds good for any and all different sports.

For instance, assume that India is pegged to win against Australia in a T20I. They bat first but they lose their key batsmen like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and others quite early in the game. The scales are shifting to the Aussies and consequently, so should your bets!

This wouldn't be possible in pre-match betting.

Advantages of Live Bets

In-play betting truly is the best way to enjoy any form of online betting as it allows you to get better odds as well as adding an extra element of fun to the game! If you're unsure about live betting, take a look at these prime examples of why it is supreme.

Changing odds

The fact that odds change minute by minute gives you more chances to win on sports events. In-play betting odds are traditionally higher than your pre-match odds and if you can see the match go a certain way, there is no reason why you cannot leverage that into your weekend beer money! Anything that might happen in play will change the sports odds and your bets!

Ability to make informed bets

Another great advantage of in-play betting on sports is that you can place your bets by analysing the game in real-time. You can make accurate predictions and tweak your betting strategy by understanding how the game is going, which player is clicking, which player is out of form, who is injured, and other such factors.

It's more fun! 

Let's face it - there is something thrilling about sports live betting. Whether it is minute by minute or ball by ball play betting, you will feel the rush when you realize that your predictions did not only come true within minutes of making them, but you also made some money off it!

Live Betting Odds on Any Sport!

One of the best things about any live bet is the dynamic, ever-changing odds on live sports. They change throughout the whole event and they are higher than pre-match odds.

If a team is on the verge of losing, the odds on them to win will be significantly higher. Conversely, if a team is moving to the win, the odds on them will be lower.

Of course, these are two extremes! Between them, there are plenty of exciting live betting markets where you can place in-play bets, literally on how the next few minutes will go. And the best part - the in-play odds for these events are quite excellent.

In football, this entails whether we will see a booking, goal, corner, free-kick, save, who will score the next goal, how many goals can still be scored, among others.

In cricket, this is more about how many runs/wickets the match can still see. Remember - the live odds will change continuously so you will have to be quick in identifying the opportunities and making your live bet!

So, if you think that India can still make a comeback against Australia in the T20I, you may want to book the high odds at which India's match-winner market is available. Alternatively, if you think Australia is going to win for sure, you can bet on markets that focus on how they will win - this includes the number of boundaries they can hit, the number of runs they can score, batsman runs, etc.

Upcoming Live Betting App

Pure Win understands the needs of Indian players. We have gone the extra mile to offer our in-play sport betting services on a fully licensed and regulated live betting app. In fact, this puts us in the league with the best live betting sites!

With our live betting online app, you will be in store for a pure in-play betting experience. If you happen to be at the stadium hosting your preferred game, you can place your live bet on your phone by seeing how the action unfolds in front of your eyes at the same time!

Of course, you can also go to a sports bar that live streams your favourite sports event and then put your bets on them. With a dedicated online betting app, the sky is the limit. That said, we do urge you to be responsible while betting.

You will still find the great odds, incredibly popular markets, in-game stats, and everything else you need to enjoy live betting on sports, wherever you are in the world!

Live Cricket Online Betting

We know that Indian players love online cricket betting and any sports betting site worth their salt has to have live cricket. If there is anything better than betting on live events like India vs Pakistan or England in the cricket World Cup before the match starts, it is betting on them to win during the match!

This involves making live bets on every ball, every over of the game by studying how the match has gone so far. During IPL betting, if Ravindra Jadeja is blasting for Chennai Super Kings with the bat, then you know that he is on his best that day and will be unstoppable. Hence, go after the markets that favour CSK's batting.

In our in-play live betting for cricket, you will find all the stats and information you need - updated in real-time - to make your live bet. We cover all sanctioned cricket tournaments across the world and offer a broad range of betting markets on the same. In other words, there is plenty for you to explore.

Mentioned below are some of the cricket live betting markets you will find on our site:

First Innings Over 0-10: Team Total

This exclusive live cricket betting market focuses on guessing correctly how many runs (Over or Under) the batting team will reach in the given number of overs. You don't have to guess the exact number - just whether the total will be above or below the number mentioned in the market. The range of the overs may vary as the match continues.

First Innings Player Total

This is similar to the previous market except here, you have to correctly guess how many runs the batsmen on the pitch can score. Once again, it is an over/under market where you need to predict if the player can exceed (or remain below) the runs mentioned.

First Innings Over X, Team Odd/Even

This is similar to betting on how many runs the given over of the match will see except you need to guess whether it will be an odd number or an even.

First Innings Over X, Y Delivery Total

This is what you define as literal ball-by-ball cricket live betting. In this exclusive live cricket betting market, you bet on how many runs the given delivery of the given over in the match will see. Again, this is an over/under market so you don't have to get it exactly right. It is more on whether or not the batsman on crease can hit the given runs.

Live Football Betting

A live betting site isn't complete without offering online football betting markets. Live football betting is just as exhilarating as cricket!

There are so many different in-play betting markets to choose from, it can even be overwhelming at times to place bets on your favourite football game!

That said, football is a team sport and unlike cricket where one player can single handedly turn the game around, football relies on team effort to some extent. The game markets take this into consideration and consequently, give you several interesting ways to bet live on a football event.

For instance, assume that Manchester United are up 2-1 against Chelsea but the Blues are starting to put pressure on and look close to a goal. You can capitalise on this by identifying markets and placing bets that favour Chelsea's comeback!

Some of the most popular football betting markets available on our site are mentioned below. These are available for most live events.

Next Team to Score

The objective here is simple - simply bet on who is going to score the next goal in the match. If the score is 0-0 in the first half, your job would be to figure out the best who can break the deadlock and score the first goal. If the game is at 1-0, then you need to determine if the scoring team can score the second goal or if the opposing side will level the score.

Time of Next Booking

This in-play betting market focuses on whether the game will see a booking in the given time slots. If the players on the field are being aggressive or if you can see the emotions running high, you can place your bet favouring bookings in the next few minutes!

Half Time Full Time Market

In this exclusive live football betting market, your job is to correctly predict the outcome of the game - win, draw, lose - at both - half time and full time. To put it differently, for you to win this bet, your predictions must be correct for both the first half and second half.

Next Goalscorer

Another great football live bet where you need to predict which player is going to score the next goal. For a big game like El Clasico, betting on Lionel Messi to strike the next goal may be a smart bet to make. For other games, you may want to look at how the match is going, which player is looking sharp, and then make your decisions.